Fender Prosonic Re-Revisited: Reunited

And it feels so good!

My never ending quest for that Fender ‘sparkle’ may just have ended. For the Fender Prosonic, anyway.

After a couple of years of mixing and matching speakers, i discovered the best speakers to make the Prosonic sound like a TRUE Fender amp were the 25W Greenbacks in tandem.  I’m quite aware that it’s underpowered compared to the amp, but man if you got it, you gotta get it. For me it’s all about tone. I hardly crank the amp so there’s hardly any fear of blowing the Greenbacks. Continue reading

2005 VOX AC30 CC2X

This is IT.
Save for the Prosonic, this amp has made every other amp i own (and still want to own) almost irrelevant. Not that i don’t want anymore amps (i still would like a Marshall!), but it makes me feel like i dont NEED them as much.
The AC30 pretty much rounds up the tube tone i personally have been looking for. There’s not one tube amp that can nail EVERY tube sound authentically. Continue reading


You know when a dream becomes real? This is one of them.
Ive been lusting after a Fender Prosonic ever since i learned about it a couple of years ago. At that time ive been searching for a “modern” tube amp that employs tube rectifiers. A good 95%+ of all tube amplifiers made today have solid state rectifiers. Why tube rectifiers? Continue reading


Another great craigslist find, this vintage all tube amp hails from the early 70s (01/05/1972 to be exact, as penciled in under the chassis itself).
As a background, Plush amplifiers were made from 1969 thru 1973, apparently direct copies of either a fender showman or a twin reverb. Its main striking feature is the now identifiable “tuck and roll” covering not unlike that of Kustom amps, Continue reading


Scouring Musician’s Friend’s site, i stumbled on a bunch of neat amps that are USED. Among them was the Epiphone Blues Custom 30. One thing that intrigued me was the use of a tube rectifier – not always seen on modern tube amps, its mostly considered by engineers to make amps unreliable, one reason why most tube amps are built with Continue reading


Yet another gem from CL: a mid to late 60’s Sears Silvertone tube amp, model 1470.

From some online research this puts out a whopping 2W, from a very non-traditional set of tubes: 12AU6, 35E4, 50C5. Nontraditional for guitar tube amps, that is. The trio is usually found on tube radios. Plugged in it pushes the sound thru an 8″ speaker (unknown brand), with only ONE volume knob. Its as simple as it gets.

What i wonder about is why most of these low-wattage amps have TWO inputs. Continue reading


Jumping over several tube amp projects is this gem of a CL find: the CORDOVOX CG TUBE AMPLIFIER. or more precisely, tube amp AND tone generator. Research shows the amp is rated at 30W, using TWO sylvania and RCA 7591 power tubes, and TWO 12AX7 preamp tubes (that look to be telefunkens!). The tone generator uses 60 (yes – SIXTY!) tubes (6X8 and some other kind that arent useful for guitar amps), not including six other preamp tubes (a mix of 12AU7 and 12AX7 tubes, some branded Mullard, Lafayette, RCA, and a couple im unable to discern the name off). The 2 speakers are TRUE vintage C12R jensens, dated in 1964.

back up: what the hell is a tone generator? Continue reading