GRETSCH G5422DC-12 Electromatic 12-String Hollowbody Guitar

Boy, that’s a mouthful of a title. But after playing through it, it’ll leave you speechless! I got this about 6 months ago. Scored for a lot less than retail, thanks to musician’s friend’s open box sale items. It was condition 2, but the discount on it was deep enough for me to take the plunge. And since it was condition 2, i have the option to send it back within 30 days. I considered returning it after a couple of weeks, but something told me to hang on to it. Continue reading


Presenting the Epiphone Wildkat. One of Epiphone’s (relatively) NEWER original designs, not just a copy of a Gibson original, nor is it a reissue of any sort. It’s one weird guitar, and it’s named quite appropriately.
From its looks, it echoes that of the big hollowbodies, with the round shape and a single soft cutaway on the lower side, but with a much thinner profile, like most of semihollow bodies. But unlike the semihollow guitars, Continue reading