This is one of those clunkers-turned-golden stories. After the mods ive done, this is NOW my favorite amp (so far!).

This is the 2nd hardest to come across to Kalamazoo amps on ebay, next to the Bass 50. Models One and Two, and even the Bass 30 are easy to find, or come up in listings often enough.  Its tube complement can be compared to that of a Vox AC15 (12AX7 preamp tubes, and two EL84 power tubes).  Its been described to sound close to Continue reading


This is what started it all.
Ive always believed and liked the way electric guitars sound thru a tube amp. Maybe its the way the older recordings sounded, but solid-state amps dont quite capture that tone. Not that solid state is bad – its different sounding. Tube amp purists deride it, since compared to tube amps it sounds too sterile. There is no “warmth” to its tone. Continue reading