Switch Wild-IV (Vibracell one piece molded!)

But what separates this guitar is not only its wild colors (an appropriate model name for this one), but its construction. This switch guitar is ONE-PIECE (except for the rosewood fretboard). Not neck-thru construction with shaped slab wings glued to it. Its all molded from the neck to the body by a material called Vibracell. Heres the skinny from Musician’s Friend when they used to carry it:

The Wild-IV Electric Guitar is a straightforward no frills instrument built with all premium hardware and electronics. Dual Humbucking Red Hot (Ceramic) pickups in both neck & bridge position. A string-through fixed bridge combined with the straight string pull three-on-a-side headstock with Grover tuning machines provides superior string tension. One piece 3D Vibracell body and neck with a Rosewood fingerboard. Wild color selections.

Vibracell technology Vibracell is a patented process of completely molding both electric and bass guitars including the neck and headstock, from the patented Switch Vibracell material creating an instrument with precise harmonic resonance and sound frequency. Vibracell allows the entire instrument to be created as a whole with complete control of neck, body weight and density by controlling the internal cells. With the ability to control the cells we can effectively tune the body and neck to exceed the characteristics and response of those instruments made from the best available woods in the world. Additionally, Vibracell has the pure strength to withstand extreme temperature changes that affect traditional wooden bodies and necks.

The ability to control the cells density allows the neck to be formed with the body as one piece. Vibracell allows a true one piece neck-through design that eliminates the gluing of two half bodies to the neck. The one piece neck-thru body approach allows for energy to be transmitted through the entire body not only with extreme efficiency, but at a higher rate of speed ultimately delivering pure sustain and clarity.

Vibracell technology allows the instrument to be created equally, time and time again without variances in sound due to the variances in wood.

Vibracell models are offered with traditional Rosewood fingerboard and our proprietary Ebonite fingerboard. Ebonite provides the bold rich smooth warm sound of ebony along with the punch of hard rock maple. Ebonite transfers the energy from the neck to the body at an extreme high rate of speed and intensity resulting in superior crystal clear harmonics and extraordinary sustain.

Switch Wild-IV Electric Guitar Features:
Vibracell One piece neck & body
String through body
1 Red Hot humbucking bridge pisition
1 Red Hot humbucking neck position
Fixed bridge
Black hardware
Grover tuners
Rosewood fingerboard
Pearl dot inlays
3-way toggle switch
Single Volume control
Single Tone control
Scale: 24-3/4″
Neck width @ nut: 1-21/32″
22 Frets

Its weight is relatively hefty, like a thick mahogany-body electric guitar. Unless youre told about its construction, you wouldnt notice its NOT made of wood. It feels and plays as much as any other guitar, and maybe even better than most!

My first impression on its playability: impressive! The neck is fast, the finish is smooth, no sharp frets, and the best is the portion where the neck meets the body – it has the same contour as a prototype guitar i had made some years back, which is a VERY comfortable fit to the fretting palm.