Why we post stupid ads

I have been buying and selling items on Craigslist for some time now, and for the most part its been very beneficial. It provides a straight route for selling items locally and fast, and it can be a boon to bargain hunters, waiting for those item(s) that someone just wants to get fast cash for, without the hassle of going to an auction site or waiting for it to appear in the local newspaper (which no one reads anymore). Best of all, its FREE.

But ever so often you do come across some of the dumbest ads ever. Some have seriously misspelled simple words repeated throughout the ad, some whose grammar seems to have been written by a dead stump (even a 2 year old can sound more coherent). Some have the amazing audacity of posting what they believe is the over-inflated sense of value for an easily searchable price and common enough item to be found in stores for cheap, brand new. Its a free market, and people can command whatever price they deem fit for whatever item they post. But as it IS a free market, we also have the freedom to do this: have fun with it.

Our stupid ads section is dedicated to framing those works of (f)art. We aim to put in a capsule the ads that we believe are timeless in their stupidity, whose only worth to the reader is the mirth and amusement it brings.

We do respect the privacy of everyone, idiots included. You will see numbers and names and addresses and emails blurred or omitted or changed to protect the identity of the guilty.

Wanna contribute? send us a link to the stupid ads! go to the Contacts Page. NO SCREENSHOTS PLEASE, we’ll do that for you. the link is fine and all we need. We also have to verify it ourselves.

We reserve the right to remove and/or alter ANY image posted in compliance to our house rules, hosted by us or other sites. Though we will try our best, no explanations are required.

question: wouldn’t it be easier to just copy and paste the link to the actual post?

answer: yes, but CL posts get deleted after 30days, by the author, or by flagging. We want to capture that stupidity forever, so screen capture or save as complete page is the best way.

question: you cant make fun of people just cuz they cant spell right. Some aren’t as educated as they should be. It cant be helped. You make typos and spell words wrong too. What you’re doing is condescending and hypocritical and mean!

1)that wasn’t a question.
2) It’s a FREE Country.  just like people are free to write those ads the way they are, we CAN say and write what we want, the way we want to. Insensitive? no. Everybody who can speak the language correctly should be able to write it correctly. Elementary and high school here is free, and there are other ways to learn how to read and write, and how to do it correctly. Even basic rudimentary reading and writing is needed to be able to apply for a job. If you didn’t pay attention in class, if you wasted away with drugs and alcohol and whip- it sure is paying dividends now. But its not too late – get help, go back to school, learn some writing skills, or learn to spell better even just the simple words like ‘guitar’, go to the internet and google it, everyone has cellphones now. Even books are free now. Heck, even websites and forms have spell check (like we do here) to prevent typos. I cant imagine how people ignore that. And don’t give me this learning disability crap. I know people who have “learning disabilities” that struggled but were successful and went on to finish college. They stopped using it as a crutch. Something simple like a for-sale ad shouldn’t be that hard to write.
And not just the worst spellers, it’s the salesmanship. However much they spin it, the picture always tells the truth, which in some cases is truly other than what the written description says. A total BOLD-FACE LIE. Almost like a scam, if you ask me.
We admit, you will find typos in this site also. We may not even correct it. But they’re not funny like these ads.

So if you’re going to sell anything, just take pictures, price it, use spell check when you give a little description, then post it. Simple.
OK! Now on with the stupidity!